Fair Launch Details

Deathly Hallows Finance Fair Launch

$EWAND and $CLOAK Fair Launch

  • 500 $EWAND and 80 $CLOAK will be added liquidity with the initial price = 1 JOE and all Initial LP will be burnt
  • At 5pm UTC 27 Mar: Start Trading time (all efforts to buy before that will be failed).
  • From 5pm - 6pm UTC 27 Mar:
    1. 1.
      Max buy limit for $EWAND: 5 $EWAND / Transaction
    2. 2.
      Max buy limit for $CLOAK: 0.25 $CLOAK / Transaction
    3. 3.
      No Sell limit
  • At 6pm: Dev will set max buy limit to unlimited and renounnce ownership.

$EWAND and $CLOAK Initial token distribution

  • 500 $EWAND and 80 $CLOAK will be initial minted and used for adding liquidity